Family support

AFFGS works to empower families to connect to others in the adoption community in many ways.

  • Facebook
    We maintain and moderate a closed Facebook community for members to get advice from others, facilitate conversation, and more. You can also Like our public Facebook Page for information on upcoming events open to the public.
  • Small groups
    Through this program, we work to match up families with similarities (from ages of children, race and ethnicity, geographic proximity, and more) to organize their own regular social gatherings.
    We facilitate monthly support meetings for members who are waiting to adopt, whether they are exploring the option or already in process.
  • SNAP
    Families who have recently adopted are matched up with others to form cohort groups for meetups, activities, and mutual support.
  • PATS
    Parents of teenaged adoptees meet in a support group with two adoption therapists for advice and discussion of the challenges and rewards of parenting adopted teens.