AFFGS includes families with children born in Guatemala, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Ethiopia, among other countries, and as well as across the United States including Washington, Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Ohio. Children joined our member families at birth through domestic, foster and kinship adoptions and as older children through international, domestic foster, independent and kinship adoptions.

Families in AFFGS are headed by single parents, same-sex parents and opposite sex parents. Many AFFGS families are transracial, with one or more children of a different race than their adopted parents or siblings.

By joining our group, you will be surrounding your family with other families seeking to support you, encourage you, and get to know you and your children.

And as AFFGS’s membership of adoptive families is diverse and varied, so too are the degrees of openness and connection our adoptive families have with birth families.  Some families regularly meet in person, text and email with birth families, while others have no knowledge of their children’s birth families.

AFFGS’s membership also includes adult adoptees and other professionals with strong backgrounds in adoption.

We seek to empower adoptive families, including adoptive parents, adopted children, adult adoptees and birth families, through strong community. We have regular social gatherings and education events.

We recognize that adoption is complicated-filled with joy and loss, growth and pain, exploration and challenge. While there are many places to learn online, AFFGS is an excellent place to meet IN PERSON, in REAL LIFE.

AFFGS is a 501(c)(3) organization run on 100% volunteer power. Read on to learn how AFFGS came to be or meet the Board!